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There is Corona, the search for houses in Cikarang is actually increasing

The growth of the property business in Cikarang, Bekasi seems to be increasingly stretched, even when the corona pandemic occurred, the trend of searching for homes through online in the Cikarang area continued to skyrocket along with the massive infrastructure development there.

Based on data from the property portal, the trend of online home search in Cikarang in the second quarter of 2020 increased by around 45% compared to the previous quarter of the same year.

Mart Polman, Managing Director of said, the increasing trend of searching for houses during the corona outbreak was due to the fact that currently many people are doing social distancing activities, they are reluctant to do offline property searches such as coming to property exhibitions.

"Because of that condition, that's why nowadays many people want to buy houses online, because it is considered safer, easier and more practical," said Mart. 

Mart said that the Cikarang area itself is currently a very potential area for purchasing a house for motivation or investment. For those who want to buy a house with the motivation to live in, this area is very suitable because the average house price there is relatively cheaper compared to other areas in Bekasi and Jakarta.

Meanwhile, for those who want to invest, the Cikarang area is very potential, especially for those investors who are eyeing profits from the rental market. This is because there are many factories around Cikarang that employ hundreds of thousands of employees both from within and outside the country.   

Talking about housing in Cikarang, if you are interested in buying a house in Cikarang, Graha Mirai housing can be a very attractive choice. The housing located on Jalan Deltamas Boulevard, Sukamahi, Cikarang Pusat, Bekasi has many advantages when compared to other housing in the Cikarang area. 

Graha Mirai Housing was built by developer Hajime Indonesia, this residential building is made with Japanese quality standards which are known for their strong and sturdy buildings. This housing complex is built on an area of ​​5 hectares, the plan is that later there will be 500 housing units of various types. Starting from Type (LB 40 m2 / LT 72 - 126 m2), Type B (LB 37 m2 / LT 66 - 99 m2), Type C (LB 30 m2 / LT 60 - 90 m2, Type D (LT 60 - 90 m2) ), Type E (LB 31 m2 / LT 55 - 102 m2).
The location of the Graha Mirai housing estate itself is very strategic, because it is close to the East Cikarang toll gate and the Cibatu toll gate. This condition can certainly help the mobility of the residents of Graha Mirai to their business or office.Tidak hanya itu, perumahan ini juga dikelilingi dengan 6 kawasan industri, hal ini tentunya membuat Graha Mirai sangat cocok dijadikan instrumen investasi yang menggiurkan, baik untuk yang mengincar keuntungan dari capital gain ataupun yield.    

Not only that, this housing also has complete facilities ranging from one gate system, places of worship, playground, sports field, community hall, gazebo, 24 hour security system and so on.

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