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4 Characteristics of Ideal Homes for Millennials

Did you know, it turns out that the interest in buying a house among millennials is quite high, based on data from the property portal, it turns out that the majority of users are dominated by millennials with the age group 24-34 with a percentage of 33.44%, then followed by the group aged 18-24 with a percentage of 27.72%.

Mart Polman, Managing Director of Lamudi Indonesia, said that the large number of homebuyers from the millennial community prove that young people are now starting to be interested in buying housing. This condition can also be a breath of fresh air for the country's property business, because the high demand is expected to boost sales.   

Talking about occupancy for millennials, some time ago the Lamudi property portal conducted a survey of millennials to find out their ideal home, the following are among them:

Has Good Accessibility
Based on the survey, it turns out that the majority of millennials are interested in buying a house with good accessibility. For example, close to toll roads or public transportation. For millennials, it is okay to buy a house on the outskirts of Jakarta, as long as the housing is close to a toll road which can shorten their travel time to work or business.

Has Complete Facilities
Houses with complete facilities are one of the considerations for millennials, they are interested in buying housing with health facilities, internet and a good security system.

Prices below 500 million
Did you know that there are many millennials who are interested in buying a house for under Rp. 500 million, this price is considered reasonable because millennial income is not large. Not only that, they are also interested in using the Home Ownership Credit (KPR) payment scheme when compared to other payment methods such as gradual cash to balloon payments.

Free flood
Based on the survey, the majority of millennials are interested in buying a house that is flood free. Floods are often a frightening specter for residents of the house. One of the causes of flooding is the poor drainage system in residential areas.    

Well, for those of you millennials who are looking for a house, it doesn't hurt to look at Graha Mirai housing. This residence in the Deltamas, Cikarang, Bekasi area is perfect for millennials who want to have strategic housing and very complete facilities.   

This housing is perfect for millennials because it has very complete facilities, especially for those who have a dynamic and sporty spirit. Examples include sports fields, playgrounds, places of worship, 24-hour security systems, gazebos and so on. Not only that, this housing also has a very good drainage system that can minimize flooding.    

For those of you who have offices in the Jakarta area or other cities around Bekasi, you don't need to worry because this company is close to the Cibatu Toll Gate and the East Cikarang Toll Gate, the existence of this toll gate can certainly help the mobility of millennials from home to offices or business places. 
For those of you who like to shop, Graha Mirai housing is also close to the AEON Mall shopping center which has various well-known tenants. 

Interestingly, the selling price of the Graha Mirai house is quite affordable, starting from Rp. 460 million with 5 types of options, such as Type A (LB 40 m2 / LT 72 - 126 m2), Type B (LB 37 m2 / LT 66 - 99 m2), Type C (LB 30 m2 / LT 60 - 90 m2), Type D (LT 60 - 90 m2), Type E (LB 31 m2 / LT 55 - 102 m2).

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